Who would you become if you got to paddle out better, longer, and forever?

Are you suffering from chronic shoulder or lower back pain from surfing or canoe paddling? 

Are you having a hard time eating enough on days you work and paddle out?

Are you dealing with skin or ear problems from being on the water?

You’re not alone.

About half of all surfers and canoe paddlers have preventable shoulder or lower back injuries.

Playing out in the elements adds an extra layer of intensity that can’t be fully studied because the ocean constantly moves. Water people burn many calories, so it’s vital to replenish your nutrients effectively. We also get sport-specific ailments like eczema and a surfer’s ear. There are certain things you can do to ease these symptoms and spend more time doing what you love.

It makes me sad when people stop paddling out. I’ve been there. It’s not fun rebuilding your paddle strength, and getting back into the routine once you’ve been landlocked for a while is hard. Paddle sports are young, so as a culture, we don’t rely enough on trainers, sports medicine, or things like energy bars because there weren’t any studies validating the science. Now there are.

There’s lots of good news.

Rest and recovery are a big part of the equation by undergoing our movement health coaching Hawaii.

You can do less on land because you spend time on the water. What you do is key.

You can eat a lot when you eat matters.

You can be a part of a movement to make the culture of paddle sports more safe and sustainable.

How we do this is together.

Health coaching in United States is a commitment we make to each other to advocate for your right to thrive. Together, we use your expertise in your life and my behavior science knowledge to help you become the most optimal version of yourself. If you don’t know where to start, we will unearth the answers within you. It’s about using your values as a roadmap to guide us, relying on your strengths to make positive change, and armoring you with many skills to keep you doing what you love.

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◇ Intro to Surfing

We’re in the same canoe. I want to be the aunty in her 70s still in the line-up. Becoming a water woman ruined all other sports and physical activity for me. I didn’t want to lift weights, go on long runs, or set up high-intensity circuits anymore. Interestingly, I noticed immediately in the canoe and surfing community that we rarely talk about or practice sound nutrition, proper stretching, or relevant cross-training. I constantly wondered, “Is anyone else itchy?” “Does anyone else have a rattail for hair now?” “How come my ear is hurting, and my neck is twisted?”

It took a long sabbatical in the forest to recover my skin and hair, correct muscle imbalances, and start a whole company based around keeping us on the water for as long as possible. It’s been hard getting back on the water in the right way, but I truly believe with the privilege of paddling out comes a responsibility to take care of ourselves.

If we could talk with the ancient Hawaiians about our modern-day lifestyles, they would see it as our kuleana to rest, eat well, and do some land-based training so we can continue to perpetuate the culture.

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What’s A Health Coach?

A health coach has many roles. Most importantly, professional health coaching in California is your partner in a confusing medical neighborhood. They are also guides, motivators, translators, and quality resource providers.

What’s Behavior Science?

Behavior science looks at our habits and how they affect, in this case, our health. It considers the individual and the socioecological factors that contribute to the individual’s ability to maximize their health.

What’s The Difference Between A Life Coach And A Health Coach?

Along with health matters, life coaches are qualified to focus on career, finance, and relationship goals. Coaches of swell health coaching services only focus on health goals in sleep, nutrition, movement, and stress management.

Are You Going To Tell Me What To Do?

No. I don’t know what you should do. Only you know that. Together, we’ll figure out the “how,” overcome your barriers to making progress and make modifications as your life ebbs and flows. You can get our health coach service in California, United States.

Do You Take Insurance?

No. I can write a Superbill for you to give to your insurance company for probable reimbursement.

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I love working with Nia, I would recommend her to anyone. She helps me set attainable goals while keeping me in the driver's seat. She is supportive and always professional. She is respectful of the time we have together and always makes the most of it; whether it's providing additional helpful information or helping me set additional smaller goals that I wouldn't have thought to set for myself without her support. She is knowledgeable and helpful in finding additional resources when needed. I have achieved many of the goals I started working with her on, and have set more advanced goals I would never have thought I could achieve on my own without her support.
Emily Sanseverino
Emily Sanseverino
Nia is absolutely amazing! I have Type 1 Diabetes and competed in professional surfing for many years. My lack of managing my diabetes led to many complications that took me out of the water and dramatically changed my quality of life. When I met Nia she let me know that she could help me get back to doing the things I love, especially getting back in the water at the level I once knew... After working with her for only a short period of time I started to notice many changes with both my immediate health as well as frame of mind / focus. I would recommend Nia to anyone that wants to continue participating in water sports well into their post - prime lives. Nia is a gem, that I would highly recommend.
Russell Wilkie
Russell Wilkie

Nia has been wonderful to work with. We’re so impressed by her! When she approached us, we weren’t sure what health coaching was or how she could help us, but man are we lucky that she did! Nia and I have been working together on executive coaching and it’s been eye opening. It’s been nice having someone to help walk me through the steps and breakdown where I need to start. It becomes overwhelming knowing you have all these things that you need to tackle, but Nia has made the process flawless. Nia has helped me map out what my goals are and how to get there. I couldn’t be more delighted to have Nia as a supporter. If you’re looking for a coach, look no further! 🙂

Taylor, Pure Barre manager, Executive coaching


Nia is incredible! She was great at listening to all of my needs and scheduled my appointment at my convenience. She is super helpful and caring, anyone that needs some guidance and help should talk with Nia….Mahalo Nia for everything you do!!!!

Tamera T., Client for under 6 months