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I founded Swell because I want to keep people paddling out for as long as possible. In a world where things that are bad for us are more accessible than things that are good for us, I want to help you keep doing something that brings your spirit joy.

Too often, recreational surfers and outrigger canoe paddlers don’t look at themselves as athletes, but you are! It takes discipline, dedication, and desire to paddle out on a regular basis. How can we use your strength of dedication to take better care of yourself out of the water so you can optimize your performance on the water?

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IF YOU’RE LIKE ME, you want to…

Spend more time in the ocean. We all know spending time in the ocean makes us better people. It eases the mind, heals the body, and frees the spirit.

Live a physically active life. Not only be able to clean my house and tie my shoes. Not the minimum. No, I want to be able to travel, surf, and trust my body to move.

Be in harmony with the flow of life. I don’t want to rely on one big thing to keep me healthy. I want my life to be a web of sound habits that all support each other.

Why Swell?


You’re the only one who lives your life. Ultimately, you’re the one with all the valuable information on the best way to make meaningful change. Together, we ask questions, go over all the possibilities and make a thoughtful plan tailored to your needs.


We consider all the factors. You’re probably doing everything you can, but our environment and social support play an extremely critical role in our lives. Taking that into consideration, the question then becomes, “How do we work around that?”


Using behavior science to improve health is a relatively new concept. It’s about playing around with your motivation, the difficultly level of the new habit, and finding the right spot to place it into your existing routine.

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