All coaching is virtual via: video chat, telephone or email. You pick.

Price varies depending on the package.

Meeting in person, at a beach park, is an option.

Ask about grocery store tours!

Coaching Options

Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching really allows us to hone in on your unique life circumstance, barriers to progress and opportunities for change. Wherever you are is where we start. You will have the support you need to make improvements, no matter your particular environment. 

Group Coaching

Group coaching provides more camaraderie, extra accountability and lowers the overall cost of health coaching packages. We aren’t meant to succeed alone. It takes the right reinforcements and atmosphere to create meaningful change. 

Grocery Store Tours

The grocery store is designed to trick you. Once you know how to navigate this modern day terrain, you will have extra time, money and a more balanced diet filled with variety, nutrients and enjoyment.

Executive Coaching

Change starts at the top and trickles down. We can identify collective and individual strengths and weaknesses in the company’s health culture. From there, we will foster change from a positive psychology standpoint, leading to increased employee retention and productivity. 

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I love working with Nia, I would recommend her to anyone. She helps me set attainable goals while keeping me in the driver's seat. She is supportive and always professional. She is respectful of the time we have together and always makes the most of it; whether it's providing additional helpful information or helping me set additional smaller goals that I wouldn't have thought to set for myself without her support. She is knowledgeable and helpful in finding additional resources when needed. I have achieved many of the goals I started working with her on, and have set more advanced goals I would never have thought I could achieve on my own without her support.
Emily Sanseverino
Emily Sanseverino
Nia is absolutely amazing! I have Type 1 Diabetes and competed in professional surfing for many years. My lack of managing my diabetes led to many complications that took me out of the water and dramatically changed my quality of life. When I met Nia she let me know that she could help me get back to doing the things I love, especially getting back in the water at the level I once knew... After working with her for only a short period of time I started to notice many changes with both my immediate health as well as frame of mind / focus. I would recommend Nia to anyone that wants to continue participating in water sports well into their post - prime lives. Nia is a gem, that I would highly recommend.
Russell Wilkie
Russell Wilkie

Premier Package

Join us for our Simply Spring Detox and get to know us better OR

Sign up for the Premier Package and get two coaches to double the impact!

6 months, meet 1:1 with both of us, individually, for well-rounded support.

Sign up for all inclusive nutritional and health coaching support from Jen Dreisch, Master Practitioner and Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition and me, Nia Xytakis, ACE Certified Health Coach and Behavior Change Specialist.

We bring our specialities together in a methodical and effective way to reset your gut health and create tiny habits that all support each other.

Throughout these sessions, Jen and I will meet periodically to collaborate on your progress so you can reach the best version of yourself by optimizing your health and wellbeing.

You’ll walk away with more skills, knowledge, and confidence to feel better for a lifetime!

Probably the biggest insight is that happiness is not just a place, but also a process. Happiness is an ongoing process of fresh challenges. It takes the right attitudes and activities to be happy.

~ Ed Diener, leading researcher in positive psychology

Our Work

Understand your values

How can we be successful if I don’t understand what matters to you?

Setting goals tailored to your values keeps you in the driver’s seat while crafting meaningful, more favorable habits.

Find a starting point

How will you go about setting a plan once you have a focus?

This is the juicy stuff. This is where it gets interesting. There’s a billion different combinations and that’s what makes it hard to start.

Explore all your options

How can you know where to start if you haven’t looked at every single option?

Taking the time to examine all the possibilities sets you up for long term success.

Set goals and accountability

How can you turn your focus into long term change without a specific and measurable way to get there?

A goal is different than a dream. With a goal, you have logical and realistic steps to follow in a timely manner. 

Case Studies

Effectiveness of Coaching

Although health coaching is an evolving profession, there’s sufficient evidence supporting its effectiveness.

The socioecological model exists because social support and environment play a significant role in our ability to reach and sustain our goals. Unfortunately, we don’t always have that support at home or work.

Change is strange, especially in the beginning. The client-coach relationship supports you in defining health on your terms.

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Injuries on the Water

The water adds an extra layer of intensity compared to other sports because of changing conditions and exposure to the elements.

Water safety is a vital skill of every water sport participant. Reef, boards and other people are all things to be considered. 

Along with the external and environmental hazards, there’s risk of ear problems, shoulder issues and lower back pain. 

Prevention is better than a cure. It’s possible to be on the water forever, it just takes a little planning.

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I do not take insurance because health coaching is an evolving field and in the experimental stage of being covered. I can provide you with a Superbill, a detailed invoice that allows you to bill your insurance company directly, for probable reimbursement.

Disclaimer: Health coaching is not therapy or counseling. I cannot prescribe medicine or recommend supplements. If we encounter an issue that needs specific care, we will reach out to your Primary Care Provider (PCP) or call upon an expert in my Referral Network.